Monday, January 11, 2010

Playing with Candle Light

The Christmas tree by candle light.  Sorry folks, if I changed the angle to avoid the fish swimming by at the the top of the tree, I would have to forgo the candle light, which was the whole reason for taking these shots.
I think they look very cool.  With a little practice I bet I could make some pretty neat Christmas cards of my own.  Maybe I'll add that to my project list for next year.

This one is cool to, but I failed to notice how the lamps were on and that kind of spoils the effect of the candle and Christmas tree lights. You learn by doing, so I just hope I remember all this....Christmas 2010 is a long way off.

I like the black and white pictures better, but you may have a different opinion, so I'm posting both.

My hubby by candle light. Isn't he handsome?

And last but not least, the dog-less relatives that joined us for Christmas.  They love dogs, they just can't live with them.  Bugsy has taken a liking to Donna, it's very cute.

And Jeff joins us all the way from New York. Gotta love him!

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