Saturday, January 9, 2010


This FAMILY photo album was a Christmas gift from my oldest daughter, Amanda.
She is rather crafty and traditionally makes a Christmas craft for me and sometimes her sisters.
I do believe she occasionally includes special friends depending on the theme of the craft.

 If you know me at all; you know I'm all about family, so this gift was just perfect.  Thanks Amanda, I'll treasure it always.
And yes, Danan our Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier has been a  part of this family for six years now.
There is Miss Ava in a familiar pose.  She is most likely giving someone directions on how to do something.

That would be Gramie LaLa & Sydney enjoying the big blue slide at the Cast Away Cafe.  What a super fun and exhausting day that was.

I was tickled that she included one of my  favorite pics of  her two angels (did I say that?) all ready for bed and watching a favorite movie.

Michael has always loved Tractors, farms, and apple orchards.

Audra & Rick, they should have been "Cutest Couple" in High School, but alas they weren't a couple just good friends.  Although I did tell her to date that guy, she didn't listen to me at the time.


Amanda left several picture spots  for me to fill with  pictures of Griffin, and Ashley, Miguel and Daniela.  Then there's Grandpa and the Samoluk & Hall parents, and we have to put the ultrasound photo of the new baby in there when Audra gets one.  Uh-Oh I may need more pages for this album, the family is getting bigger.

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Trish said...

Thanks for leaving your link on my blog - it's so nice to meet new (to me) bloggers!

I absolutely LOVE this project! It looks so simply but so beautiful. I did a very simple album - nothing creative like this - for my mother-in-law this year with individual and family shots of everyone as she is starting down the road of Alzheimer's. I am planning to make labels that can be added later when she needs them with the names and relationships.

Blessings to you!