Friday, September 2, 2011

Conversation Explosion

Daniela's language skills are multiplying daily.  She's very talkative and can actually carry on a conversation now.  She's just a ton of fun at this age.

When she accidentally shut herself in my bedroom and couldn't open the door, she started yelling "Mee-Mee", her special name for Gramie.

This week at the dinner table Daniela passed gas and announced to everyone "Toot".  Ashley said "Yes, that was a toot, what do you say when you toot, Daniela".  Daniela says "Poop" and we all stifle a laugh.  "Daniela, when we toot we say, Excuse me."  Daniela attempts the word, but it doesn't come out very well.  A few minutes later, Daniela announces that she's tooted again, although we all heard it and know that she did.  ""Yes, that was a toot, what do you say when you toot, Daniela".  Daniela says "Poop" and we all laugh in unison.  Sorry, it was just toooo cute.

For the longest time this kid was stuck on number two.  Everything was two, that was her lucky number.  Well after months of insisting that you start counting with number two I'm happy to report we now have number one! This morning it was one, two, four.  We are making progress.  When you count and hesitate she often fills in the correct following number.  Her cousin Griffin was performing this skill when we were in NC in July, they are just 6 weeks apart in age.

Daniela will sing songs for you and you can follow along and figure out what she's singing.  Her repertoire includes "Twinkle, Twinkle Litte Star", " Head Shoulders Knees and Toes"', "Patty Cake", "It's Bitsy Spider", "Ring Around the Rosies", and "Mr. Sun".

She loves pushing Freya in her dolly stroller (look out dog), playing with her plastic frogs, and hauling around her puppy that moves and barks.  That puppy was a great find at Salvation army, she's had more fun with that $1.00 puppy than other way more expensive toys she's received.

She's a determined little soul.  Every day without fail she tries her darndest to get two vitamins out of Mama, even though every single morning, she hears the same words.  "We only get ONE Vitamin."

She's very into identifying where people sit at the table, and what belongs to whom.  Mama's shoes, Ella's shoes etc.  She's also starting to speak and respond to some Spanish words.  I'd share, but I'm not sure how you spell the words correctly, so I'll have to do that some other time.  Right now I'm off to the groomers with the dog.

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