Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hello from New Mexico

Dealing with a little bit of jet lag, due to the the time difference.  First night here I went to bed at 1:30 a.m. Michigan time.  I'm in bed at home pretty much at ten o'clock or shortly after, so that was very late for me.

Yesterday we went to WIC to recertify Rowyn now that she a year old.  It was crowded and the wait was long, so once we finished up there we came home for someone to take a nap.  While she snoozed I put up the quick blog post, so we'd have time for me to show Audra how to make the t-shirt headbands.  The first one we put together was a cream color with polka dots with a lace flower with a big button in the middle.  I took a picture of Rowyn wearing it, but you'll never guess what happened..... or maybe you would.  Audra's lap top loves to destroy my picture cards for some reason.  The last time it ate my 8 gb card and this time my 1 gb card.   Luckily Audra had a card for me to use, so I'm back  in business and next time we'll try Rick's lap top and see if we have better luck.

Rowyn stayed with me while Audra ran with the dogs.  I'm glad she's not to shy, although she very much prefers Mommy.  I made chicken stir fry for dinner, trying to follow my Weight Watchers as much as possible, so I don't gain back any of my hard earned weight loss.

This morning I entertained Rowyn while Audra cleaned and then we went for a 2 mile walk, it's to hot already to go further, we'll have to go out again tonight after it cools off.

Rowyn has a 1 year check up and shots this afternoon, tomorrow we are going to Las Crues and I hear Rick wants to take me to White Sands sand dunes probably this weekend.  I'll try to blog again soon.

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Meghan said...

sounds like fun! Kiss the birthday girl for Auntie Meghan