Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Day with Rowyn

This is what Rowyn looks like in the morning.
She wakes up slowly and sometimes ornery, but that
is mostly from her nap.
Most mornings she wakes up happy, ready to
greet you with a "Hi!" and a smile or a yawn.

This particular morning we played in her room while
waiting for mommy to wake up and took a few pictures.

Meet Thumper, Rowyn's lovey and sleeping companion.
She also cuddles and drags her cow around as well.

This was taken after dinner, she still has green beans or squash
or something all over her face.  Daddy tied the puppy on
to the back of her walker and Rowyn kept looking
behind her to make sure he was still following along.

Yes, she's brushing her teeth, although she only has two,
Audra is getting her into the routine of brushing her teeth.
She's very cooperative (Ashley would be so jealous) and
also likes to take a turn herself.

If it was a real day with Rowyn there would be many more pictures of
her eating, getting changed, going for walks, chasing the dogs around etc.
It is really hard to take pictures, down load them on
Rick's computer, email them to my account and then put them
on Audra's desk top and then upload them to my blog.   Ugh! 
Such a process, but soon I'll be home with my old familiar system and
all my tools and I'll be able to cruise through this whole process
with half the aggravation.

My time here is winding down just a couple more days and
 I'll be flying home, sad but necessary.

I wonder how much if any work will be down on the bathroom in the hallway?
I told my husband to get cracking, that he'd have hours home alone
 to concentrate without us girls in the way.
Do you want to speculate on whether he's accomplished anything or not, leave
a comment and I let you know when I get home on Thursday evening.

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