Monday, September 5, 2011

Never Again!

Never again will I roll down a steep hill in wild childish abandon.
Mark this down somewhere, September 4, 2011 was the
last time I will ever do that again.
It all started harmless enough, a trip to the park with friends.
The girls had fun riding their Radio Flier Push Trikes around the
bike path, playing on the playground, picking flowers
and eating a snack.

When it was time to go home, Rosie rode on the path, but
Daniela insisted on taking the stairs, so they beat us back to the car.
(Because Gramie had to go down the hill beside the stairs with the
bike and hang on to Daniela, step by step as well.)
It was a slow process.

Rosie was rolling down the hill in front of the parking lot area
and it looked like fun, so
Daniela wanted to try it.
She'd panic every time she started to roll, but kept wanting to try.

That's not me, but looks like our hill.

So very foolishly Gramie decided to show her how it's done.
Daniela didn't hesitate to give me a push to get me rolling
and she laughed uproariously as I rolled and tumbled down the hill.
Natalie & Rosie were laughing hysterically as well.
My friend said at first she wasn't sure if I was okay
because of all the flip-flopping I did.
Really--- because I thought I was rolling rather smoothly
and had trouble figuring out how to stop myself.

When I had come to a halt,
I had to lay there for a couple minutes, as it really made me dizzy.
Then I made my way back to the top
 where I attempted to walk Daniela through the
whole process of rolling down a hill.
She wasn't having it, but kept saying, 
 "MiMi Lay Down!"   "MiMi Lay Down!"
I finally gave up and told her I'll show you one more time and that's it.
 ( I know this doesn't make me look very bright,
but be kind and give me Gramie of the Year why don't you.)
So...  after a big push off,
I rolled down the very steep hill a second time.
This time unbeknown to me I had an even bigger audience
and I rolled so fast I practically rolled out of my pants, which
were to big for me, after my weight loss.
I had more trouble stopping the second time,
probably because I was more disoriented.
I was so dizzy I couldn't even sit up and kept falling over.
It took even longer to recover the second time and I
felt like I was going to puke and my head started hurting.

I do believe that little escapade could have won a Funniest
Home Video award had it been recorded on someones camera.

Of course, Daniela wanted me to go again, but
I had wizened up and insisted we head for home.
I jokingly told my friend it was going to take the rest of the
day to recover.

I could not function the remainder of the day.
I felt faintly dizzy and sick whenever I tried to
so anything, but sit.  It was awful!

Like I said.
Never Again!


Meghan said...

you definately need Gramie of the year!

Hauch Family said...

I am crying I am laughing so hard. Aunt Doris you rock! You did a great job re-telling this! What a grandma you are!

Theresa said...

You are the best Grammie ever!!! Funniest story!! I laughed outloud! keep up the fun and frolic! (just not the rolling part! teehee!)