Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bought my Ticket

Someone will be turning one year old on September 20th,
and Grandma felt the need to celebrate with her.
So it's a date.
They are picking me up at the airport and we are stopping for

1st pigtails - I think Audra was desperate.

Lala sent her some Popsicle molds a while back.
Between the heat of New Mexico and waiting to cut her
teeth so late, I figured these icy molds would come in handy.
By the looks of it, she's enjoying them.

Gramie LaLa can't wait to kiss those sweet cheeks
and to take a ton of pictures.

It took me forever to figure out the plane ticket, because
I'd make up my mind that I could only afford to go if the flight was free.
The Delta flying miles account said I could combine miles and cash to get
a flight, so I tried that route.  But the cash they were referring to
was using cash to buy miles, which are ridiculously priced.
It would cost more than original price of the ticket, to buy what
I needed to go with the miles I'd already earned.  Ugh!

So then I had to start back at square one.  Two of my credit cards will mail
me a check, so I used miles from each one to cover the cost of the flight.
I'm flying Delta to get one bag free so I can take hand-me-downs to Rowyn
and hopefully rack up enough miles from this flight to be able to get another
free flight from Delta without buying any of there stupid miles.
  Wish me luck.

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