Friday, September 9, 2011

A Very Rare Event

My mother is not fond of dogs.
She barely tolerates a selected few and
down right detests the rest.
Everyone who knows my mom, knows this - it's just a fact.

While here to visit, Daniela was chasing our Wheaton Terrier
and she was looking for a safe place to hide or someone to protect her
and she jumped into Grandma's lap.

Grandma saved her from the rowdy toddler and Danan stayed on her lap.
I said I'd get her down, but my Mom said she was fine.
I almost had to laugh - what a turn-a-bout.
I had to get a picture, for this is a rare event indeed.

When I told my mom seven years ago that I was
getting a dog, she told me she wouldn't come visit anymore.
I promised her it would be the nicest dog she'd ever met
and she had to at least come once and see.
She did and begrudgingly declared she was alright as dogs go.
Fast forward seven years and
now my  mom's not afraid to go out shopping and come back
to my house and enter it without anyone being with her or anyone home, but the dog.
Can you believe it?

I don't think I'll ever convince her to get a dog
of her own, but I don't have to worry
about her visiting my house or whether she minds my dog anymore.

She's not Grandma's best friend yet, but Danan's working on her.

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Theresa said...

Your mother is a beautiful lady!