Monday, September 12, 2011

A Trip to Spicers

We started our Spicer's Adventure in the corn barn.
This is like a gigantic sensory bin, you
walk in it, scoop it, pour it....anything but eat it.

She fell asleep on the way over to the orchard and
it took her a bit to wake up and play.
 Some bigger children were over in the corner burying
each other in the corn.


She filled this truck full of corn before we moved on to the next play area.

Daniela loved this castle - she climbed up the ladder
to the upper deck and then slid down one of the slides, at
least a dozen times.

MiMi & Grandpe took turns pushing her around this
track and going under the bridge.

Daniela on the train.

And then we took the hayride out to the orchard where we had our
choice of five different kinds of apples to pick.

We chose McIntosh, Ginger Golds, & Gala.
I can't remember if we picked Fuji or not.

Daniela ate two big apples before we left the orchard.
She had a great time visiting the goats, horse, ducks & turkey.
Last of all we took a trip through the country store
and bought cider and doughnuts.

We love Spicer's Orchard, and I'm sure we will go
back again before the season is over, perhaps
we'll pick a pumpkin next time.

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Theresa said...

Adorable baby girl!!!