Monday, September 26, 2011

Rowyn & Friends

There are many nice little parks around the base.
Most of them are covered so the kids are not in the
direct sun.  Still it is so hot, you don't see many
people utilizing them.

Lydia turned a year old right before Rowyn.

Alise is 18 months, but tiny for her age, so she's not much bigger than the other two girls.

Rowyn is very talkative, reminds me of her Aunt Meghan at that age.
She says, Hi! dog, doggie, cat, hehe, tickle-tickle, duck, and
of course, Mama & Daddy.

She loves to walk & run with her push cart, behind her walker and
anything else with wheels.

Rowyn is just like her Mommy, she gets crabby when she's
hungry and boy does she love to eat.
One day she ate half a can of chili beans (apparently
they were the gassless variety- because they didn't give her the toots).

She plays by herself with her toys for long periods of time.
When I tapped on the book, she tapped too.
When I banged two sets of plastic beads together, she did the
same with her beads.  She loves to imitate.

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