Saturday, September 24, 2011

Number 6

This is number 6 - That's how Audra's pregnancy was announced to me via
cell phone.  Ready for Number 6? and a picture of two pregnancy tests that
were definitely positive.
Rowyn Gracie Jane Roberts.

Number 1, 2, & 7 live in Maine.
Number 3 & 4 live in North Carolina
Number 5 in Michigan

Right now I'm happy to be vacationing in New Mexico and interacting with
number 6 every day.
Getting to know the older and more mobile little one becoming a toddler.
I shared on face book how well she can toss a ball back and forth for her age;
that however did not prepare me for what happened on the way
to Las Cruces yesterday.
Audra was babysitting for a friend's 18 month old daughter and
they started playing catch while riding in the car in their car seats.
It was hilarious to see them. Alise is tiny so they are practically the
same size and although I did have to retrieve it a couple times, they
really did well at tossing it sideways, back n forth to each other.

We went to Walmart while we were out and bought Rowyn
some birthday toys.  She loves the Mega blocks and could
take them apart as I made them.  Within a half hour she put her first
two blocks together herself.  Hurrah!

We also stopped at Hobby Lobby to get more button for her new
headbands.  I'll post pictures of them soon.

Today we are going to go swimming, so that should be great fun.
Yesterday, we took the two babies to the park and met a third friend.
Rowyn however was feeling a bit down from her shots the day before
and wasn't her usual happy camper.  She was very quiet and did not
like the slide.  The swings were okay, but they were in the full sun, so had to keep
the time on them short.

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