Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Way Back When is Back #21

Whoa! I didn't realize my last Way Back When was
Way Back in September.
I didn't realize it was that long ago.

It's back!
And Guess who the Star is today??.

This little guy .....
is my great-nephew
I had forgotten how cute Corban was at this age.

Some kids change in looks and some kids you can
easily pick out from their baby photos.

I don't think I could fool anyone or I
would have said you have three chances to guess.
Corban, Corban, Corban,  You're right!

And here he is today if you'd like to see how little he has
changed as far as looks go.  Corban

1 comment:

Hauch Family said...

LOVE IT! He was pretty cute and has turned into a very handsome young man! I will have to show him after school that he was your feature of the day! Thanks Aunt Doris!