Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Way Back When #22 No Promises!

We were so excited when this child came to our house.
He was a foster-child taken into my daughter and son-in-law's
home and hearts.
His extended family welcomed him whole heartily.
We wished for him one day to be our legal grandson.

He came with good looks and superior personality.
He also came with issues, many of them.
There were no promises.
At 15 months, he couldn't sit up on his own,
he couldn't support his self on his hands and knees
and no one knew if or when he'd learn to walk.

We loved him anyway!

His new Mommy & Daddy loved him

His Grammie Lala prayed her heart out.

After tons of physical therapy 
around 22 months he walked.

With the help of speech therapy
and his new school he started
at 2 years old he talked.

Although still behind physically for his age when
we took him to Cast Away Cafe on his recent visit
he climbed to the highest level and tried the
longest, fastest slide first.

When visiting friends he joined in the pretend play
just like any other kid.

I'm so proud of all his accomplishments.
Nothing, I repeat nothing has come easy for this child.
He continues to amaze me daily
with all he's learning.

Right now he's in first grade and reading and writing
like a champ.

I love you too, Michael and I'm so very proud of you.
Thanks for taking the time to write me
such a nice "Thank You" Letter.

I hope you don't mind me putting it on my blog,
because I wanted everyone to see how great you're doing.
You ARE one AMAZING and much LOVED littleboy young man.

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Meghan said...

He is an amazing boy and I love to see his hand writing- so sweet. He is getting so tall!