Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Assignment

Today I started reading a book by Michal Heron (not a misspelling) entitled Photographing Children and Babies - How to Take Great Pictures.

Chapter One  -- Seeing your children.  Whether their your own, relatives or friends kids.  

Some of the Topics covered in this chapter: Planning the photo Sessions, The Child's Attitude, Reportage (ongoing coverage somewhat like a photojournalist does).

    It also covers the Basic Four:

   Take photos that are close up
    Photograph in a gentle, soft light
      Use a "clean" non distracting background
         Vary the mood by capturing many expression, not just smiles.

Chapter Two -- The Value of Shooting Close-Ups.

How to Shoot Close-ups.  Framing or Cropping.  Framing is taking what you want in the photograph at the time you take the picture.  Cropping is using only part of the photo that you take.  Looking Away- Frontal photos are the child's eyes looking at you.  Looking away is the eyes looking down or to the side. Shoot a Lot!  Getting Sharp Close-Ups.  Containing & Distracting the child.

Chapter Three - Variety in Portrait  Styles

Framing faces.  Vary angles, Vary the Width of the photo, Vary Locations.

I decided to give myself an assignment and shoot some pictures of Daniela trying the various things I'd just read about.  Here are the resulting pictures.

Pictures in Color 




Pictures 1-3  are all good examples in framing and frontal focus.
Which do you feel is the best picture?

These black & white pictures show examples of  looking away
at something off camera.  Also I managed to get a good profile shot.






Which one is your favorite of the black & white?
I even tried out what I learned on taking this picture my Wheaton.

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