Saturday, January 1, 2011

They are back in the U.S. again

This evening Daniela & Ashley returned from Mexico.
And this little Miss laid her eyes upon our Christmas tree for the first time.

She loved the birds as I had guessed she would.

I enjoyed watching her eyes-wide fascination with the lights and the ornaments.

She was leery of me at the airport, but warmed up to me on the
ride home as we played games & sang songs together.
After arriving home, she walked up to me in the kitchen
and raised her arms to be picked up.
Then she wrapped her arms around my neck
(like she always does) and laid her head down
on my shoulder and said "Awe...."
She's home and I'm oh so thankful!
It must have been terribly hard for her Daddy to
let her go once more.
Join me in praying for immigration to be swifter than usual
with the rest of the process for the Miguel's Visa.

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