Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Girls and Theirs

Ashley arrived home on New Years Eve and Audra didn't have to leave
until today, so they had a couple overlapping days to visit with
each other a bit.  Ashley's daughter, Daniela is 13 months.
Audra's daughter, Rowyn is 3 months old.

Are they beautiful?  All four of them.

Audra's friend, Rachel cut and dyed her hair the day before Audra left.
Rowyn doesn't have enough to cut, so she stayed home with
Gramie and helped cook a turkey dinner.

The formula seems to be helping, it's cutting down on the number of spit-ups
as well as the amount she was urping up.

I had the baby talking up a storm and laughing big belly laughs yesterday.
She is so easy to entertain and fun and cuddly.
I hated to see her leave, but never fear I'm planning to
go visit her for my birthday gift to myself.
So it wasn't good-bye, it was more like see ya soon.

1 comment:

rhemashope said...

indeed they are beautiful. all four. what a blessing!

i'm glad you had such a sweet time with all your girls. =)