Sunday, January 9, 2011

Last man standing

Yes, it's Gus, Papa, Grandpe whatever you want to call the man.  And wouldn't you know it the only picture I could find of him that's recent and easy access is a picture of him sitting.  It's Christmas eve and he's eating something, oh well.  Usually I put a lot of effort into having everything just right, but not today.....

Daniela came down with the upper respiratory virus on Wednesday and I came down with it on Friday.  Ashley started feeling bad this morning, blowing her nose etc.  So once again Gus, wins the prize, he's just to ornery to get sick - that's what I say.

So you may not hear from me for a day or two.  We are here.  We are resting and trying to get better.  I talked to Audra yesterday and they are still fine, so apparently they weren't exposed before they left, which is what I was praying for.

Today I actually felt well enough to clean the bathroom and get rid of some of the germs in the house.  I made arrangements to have Monday off and work Tues. instead to give me and Daniela an extra day to recuperate.  Wish us well...will ya...

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