Thursday, January 13, 2011

Techno-savy or Nor?

I would have to say "NOT" very emphatically!!!!

I spent a whole lotta time trying to send pictures from my phone to my email today.  Oh! what a pain that was.  Then I had to copy them to my pictures file and then to the desk top of my computer and then upload them to the blog.  That reads  T-I-M-E and so much of it, but it wasn't
time I could use to do something productive like cleaning my house anyway....I was
waiting at the beauty salon and riding in the car, so that makes
me feel better about it I guess.

But hey... I figure it keeps my brain sells from dying off.
Trying to figure out all these technological operations must be
like working out puzzles...right?

Phones are not the best cameras, but I take what I can get.

This little one is growing up fast and such a doll baby.

She sleeps with her arms that way all the time.
It's a good signal that she's tired when she starts
the hand to head moves.

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Meghan said...

thats how Sydney slept!!!