Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Baby in the House

Daniela's Mama bought her a new dolly and some bottles.
This new baby named "Freya" has become an instant hit.
She has carried her everywhere, it's hardly left her side
since the baby doll came out of the box on Friday.

We were playing in her room on Saturday and she looked
so darn cute in this sweatshirt dress and leggings I
had to grab my camera and take some pictures.

Daniela covered her up with the blanket I made for her
before she was born.

I just love the little hands and feet
and all the action shots I was able to catch her in.

And she didn't mind a bit that the camera was flashing away.
She seems to be a natural born poser like her cousin, Sydney.

Feeding Baby "Stella" takes so much concentration
she kept sticking her tongue out.  So Cute!

Stella was her Christmas Baby Doll.

I'm sure if she could have figured out how to hold
both babies and ride she would have.

Grandpe was going outside and captured
both the attention of the dog and Daniela
for this great shot.

I took over 100 pictures, then deleted half of them
and only kept the best ones.
Which one is your favorite?

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