Thursday, January 6, 2011

Out of Dodge Just in Time

I was so amazed and happy that we made it through the holidays
without anyone getting sick or even have any
noticeably ill people at our family gatherings.

However, only 24 hours after Baby Rowyn left
someone woke up with a high fever and croupy cough.

The doctor says it's just a virus.
No one is getting much sleep around here.

I did check in with Audra and Rowyn
is just fine.  Still happy as a lark and healthy and I'm
praying she stays that way.

Today Mama went back to work and Gramie Lala is in charge
of this little one.
I napped when she did and Grandpe has helped entertain her.
Grandpe put her in silly mode and it took me forever to get
her to settle down.  When she looks at him, she wants to start
the sillies all over again.

1 comment:

Meghan said...

she is cute even though sicky poo