Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Penobscot River in Maine

UPDATE!  The Nameless River is the Penobscot River.
Another interesting fact I found while trying to research the name of the river is that the town was originally named Wheelersborough after it's original settler, Benjamin Wheeler.

This is a river you cross on the way to Amanda's house. 
She however, couldn't remember the name of it and there was no signage.

We took the first pictures off from the bridge on both sides.

And then we followed the river and stopped several places as it meandered around.

This was a day or two after the Nor' Easter dumped some heavy rains on their part of Maine.

Unfortunately, the colors weren't as plentiful and bright as I have seen them in the past.

However, I still thought is was picture worthy.

What do you think?

I wanted to climb the fence and try to take pictures from  a better spot,
but we had Henry in the car and didn't want to leave him unattended to venture far from the car.

Amanda took some really neat pictures.  It's amazing how two people with the very same camera can take such different shots of the same scenery.

The water looks pretty chilly to me.  I know the air was that day, it was very blustery.

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