Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Grands and the Nor 'easter!

I can't resist taking pictures at every opportunity. 
Ava recently lost her first tooth and the tooth fairy gave her a prize.

And Michael has new glasses.
The wire framed Harry Potter glasses are no more.
These new ones make him look so grown-up.

Henry wide awake and talking to Mama!
He is a breastfed baby, but since Mom will be
going back to work in Dec., he needs to be
willing & able to take a bottle too.

The weather has been beautiful so far, but that's about to change...
70% chance of rain this evening & 100% chance of rain tomorrow.
They are calling for 55 mph winds. 
We're hoping we don't lose power, because there's no back up, which means
we will freeze.
Tomorrow we will stay at home and clean, sleep and rest up.
The kids have picture day at school, which should be a real disaster
with the weather they are calling for.

1 comment:

Meghan said...

sweet pictures, does anyone think Henry looks like his handsome cousin?