Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Hodge Podge

Michael is a Weeblo

He had a meeting on Tuesday night and Derek and I took him.  Michael is super excited about being a boy scout.  He memorized the moto, the handshake and the song.  He was on his best behavior and we were very proud of him.  I wished I would have taken my camera with me to get a shot of all the tigers in his group.  Ava stayed home with Mommy and Henry and they played Beauty Spa.

Heading out shoppin'

We went Christmas shopping for the kids and found some great deals and gifts the kids will really enjoy.
It feels good to have a chunk of my shopping done.

Henry Owen - 9 Days old
Henry is turning out to be a little high maintenance.
He pees everywhere when you change him, which often requires a whole new outfit.
He also waits for a clean diaper to poop in, so were doing double duty on changing diapers.
But how can you get upset when he's so darn cute.

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Meghan said...

he is so cute, I could just squeeze those cheeks!