Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Daddy's in the Army

Rowyn's Daddy left for Afghanistan on Monday.
Audra said they had a great weekend and celebrated her birthday a few days early
while Grandma Lynn babysat for Rowyn.

I took these pictures of Rowyn while in New Mexico while Mommy & Daddy
were on a date.  This young couple was wise and listened to my advise to use me as a babysitter
while I was there, so they went on a couple dates to maximize their time
as a couple while Rick was home on leave.

Grandma Lynn left an hour after Daddy and now my little girl and her new baby
are on their own until Daddy finishes his time in Afghanistan.

Rowyn continues to be a good eater and sleeper and Audra
is managing very well.  I'm sure she will miss Rick like crazy
that's a given, but now she has a little piece of Rick to hold
unto until he returns, sometime around May of next year.

Please pray to keep her Daddy safe. 
Mommy & Rowyn are waiting for him.

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