Thursday, October 28, 2010

Has the Spirit Caught You?

Here at the Nut House in Bangor, Maine they have caught the Halloween Spirit.
(See the sign by their driveway)

  I imagine it to be even more spectacular at dusk when everything is lit up and inflated.
I'm sure they have sound effects too, if they've gone this extreme with the decorating.

 There are witches and ghosts flying around and even a mummy hanging from a tree.

That giant spider can stay right where it is.

There is even a black cat that looks very real creeping about the grave yard.
The names on the tombstones were pretty funny.

Decorating outside is not in my book of important things to do, but I do think it's neat when other people really get into the Spirit of the Season.

I'm already working on Thanksgiving, folks, bought my turkey yesterday.

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