Friday, October 1, 2010

Meet Tippy Toad!

The Heisner family gave Audra this adorable tote at her baby shower.  It's Rowyn's going to Gramie's House bag, so we decided to try it out.

She fit perfect!

I'm glad I decided not to chance it this trip though, because security leaving El Paso was the best/worst I've been through to date.  I was x-rayed, padded down and even had to remove my jewelry.
Folks, if some airport makes me do a strip-search I'm done flying.
I wonder how long it takes to get to New Mexico by Greyhound?

Tippy Toad was comfy with a little room to spare for essentials, like diapers & such.

Back in the day it was pink & blue, who knew a baby could be so cute in Lime Green?

The Little Tippy Toad Princess Herself,
Rowyn Gracie Jane Roberts.

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