Thursday, June 3, 2010

Last Time I Held Her

The last time I held Daniela she had just turned 3 weeks old and her Grandpa has yet to meet her.  We are hoping and praying today is the day.  Yesterday afternoon they were finally issued her Mexican Passport, she's had her US passport for a while now.  This one was suppose to have been easy.  Right.  Nothing is easy in a foreign country.  We are trusting God to get them on the plane today and into our embraces by this evening.  It will be a looonngg day of waiting for time to pass.

The crib is ready, the carseat is waiting by the door, the clothes are washed and in the closet.  Diapers have been purchased, the exersaucer is out, the toys have been scrubbed, and there's baby cereal and fruits & veggies in the cupboard.  We are waiting for Daniela to arrive.  I am also looking forward to having someone to talk to around here that doesn't answer me in questions or a "what?" all the time. There will be so many changes, but we are up for it.  We wish that Miguel was able to come too, but he doesn't have a VISA that is required, they are working on it and hoping it will go faster with Ashley here in this country.  Dare I ask for more prayers.....pray that Miquel's paperwork flies through the system and he's here in the US soon with his wife and daughter.

Thank you for all your prayers and words of comfort. Soon the wait will be over. Soon this Gramie will hold her little Daniela again.

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The Hauch Family said...

We are so excited for you and Ashely! We are both praying everything goes smoothly today. Enjoy the time with your little one!