Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Good Grief!

MckMamma visited my blog, and what did she see NUTTIN, that was my last post.  Ugh!  There went my chance to impress the queen of bloggers.  If you have no idea who MckMama is, click here to go to her My Charming Kids blog and meet her amazing family and view her totally awesome photography.  I'm so bummed, dang-it!  It only I'd come up with some amazing post instead of admitting my life unexciting over the weekend.  Ugh! It's going to take me a long time to get over this.......

Perhaps if I'd of just posted this cute story about how we found out the dog is jealous of the new baby.  You see when baby Danny was going to bed I took her over to Grampe for a good night Father's Day kiss and the dog got up off the floor and came over and laid her head in Grampe's lap.  Perhaps she just wanted to tell him how much she loved him too, or just maybe she didn't like the baby lovin on Her master.  What do you think?


This photo may have impressed her, if I would have posted it.  Would have, should have, could have.  Ugh!


Or this one might have given her an idea for the many wedding photoshoots she does.

Inspirational or underexposed????  You decide.  Even this one would have been better than NUTTIN.

I'd been meaning to do a post about how I love my frog.  Not the green jumping kind, the kind you put in a vase to help hold the flowers up straight and so they aren't all in a bunch.

And who can resist a new baby.?  I wish this picture had both him and his twin sister in it, but she was sleeping with mommy.

If she had seen something as precious and beautiful as this perhaps she'd come back to visit again.
Good Grief Dorsey, let this be a lesson to you, never post about Nuttin....you never know who's going to stop by.

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Meghan said...

funny mom. I do not think she has ever stopped by my blog but Ginny has.