Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Way Back When Wed. #11 My Mom

This time we are are going back further than usual, this picture is around 70 years old.  The handsome man is my Grandfather, Virgil John March and the little girl is my mother Dolores Ann March.  I don't believe there was a date on the photograph or an age for my mom, but I'd say she looked around five.  My mother will be 76 in July.  My grandfather is deceased, and if I had more time I'd look up some facts for you, but with only one day off in the seven days that make up a week, let's just say I'm a bit busy!!

A little younger Dolores in this picture and for some reason I see my brother, Steaven in her smile, maybe because it looks a little mischevious.

That bunny is as big as she is!  Do you see any of the grandchildren in her photos?

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Troy said...

I love way back Wednesday!
I see Steave's kids in the middle picture for sure.
Thanks for sharing!