Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Texan in the Family

Now that's a cute baby bump.  My sixth grandchild is in there, growing and maturing and getting ready to make her entrance into the world.  It's definetly a girl, and we will get a 3D look at her soon.  Her birth papers have been pre-filled out and her name on those papers says - Rowyn Gracie Jane Roberts.
She will be born at a hospital in El Paso, TX and it says "Congradulations on your new Texan" on the paperwork.  Audra & I thought that was pretty funny.  Never thought we'd have a Texan in the family.

This brought tears to my eyes.  Pray for this young family.  Audra is going it alone, far from old friends and family.  It's tough to not hear anything from your husband for days on end and to worry about his safety.  Last week several guys from his unit were hurt, one very seriously.  Pray for Rick and his comrades that God puts a shield of protection around them and keeps them safe while they are in Afghanistan.   Rick has a return visit scheduled for a couple of weeks after the baby should arrive, it will be a short, but sweet visit.  I'll be going for two weeks when Rowyn makes her debut.

Audra's coming home for a baby shower and I can't wait to hold my hand on her tummy and feel Rowyn kick and move around.  Gramie LaLa is in her glory!  I can't believe I'm going to have SEVEN grandchildren in a few short months. 

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Meghan said...

so she will be born in Texas not New Mexico?? Hmm. A texan.