Friday, June 11, 2010


A friend of mine came by on Sunday with her husband and a truck load of baby gear for Daniela.  The back of the truck was full and they unloaded it into my livingroom.  Not only did they deliver and unload, but they would not take a dime.  Everything was in great condition and as you can see from the pictures below Daniela has already started using them.  What a lucky girl she is. 

Thanks Natalie! What a lucky girl I am to be blessed to have such a generous and caring friend as she.  The day I left work to go pick up my granddaughter at the airport, Natalie was on the phone.  As I was preparing to back up the car, she came running out and gave me a hug through the open car window.  She was so excited and happy for me to have my sweet kiddo coming to live with us.  What a simple, but loving gesture, just sharing my joy.

Walking around on the paved driveway (just 6 1/2 months), but she can make that walker go all over the driveway.  She loves being outdoors and watching Danan play Frisbee.

Just hanging out in her room, sitting in the Bumbo chair.  Just love those baby feet.

This gorgeous highchair in mint condition matches our kitchen table perfectly.

Treasures not pictured: 2 Rubermaid tubs of girls clothing - only worn by one little girl (hers), one Rubbermaid tub of toys, a rocking infant chair, play pen, swing, diaper bag, 2 large baby play station toys, and a jogging stroller.  I may be forgetting something, but that's that majority of it.

Friend - Some one who gives her all and expects nothing in return.
A simple thank you seems so inadequate.  Ashley wrote her a nice "thank you" note and brought lunch to her at work yesterday, which is a rare treat.

Any ideas on what we could do further to show our appreciation?  My friend won't take money or gift cards.

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Meghan said...

Awesome pictures! What a friend. You guys now have more baby gear than we do. Great deal.