Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bronners in the news

When I heard the news that Bronners Christmas Store in Frankemuth had been vandalized on Christmas Day, I was irate.  How could anyone do such a thing?  Why oh why?  I wanted to behead the numbskulls like they had beheaded the reindeer.  They'd destroyed a low can you go?  I've never really understood what would make someone want to spit on another person, but that's what I would do if I had a chance to meet these low-lifes.  The estimate is $40,000 in damage.

This morning I was pleased to read this article, Arrests made!  They aught to burn the words Bronners Vandelizer on their foreheads.  Apparently, I'm still outraged.  I wonder how other people have taken the news?  Our recent visit is still fresh in my mind as is each and everyone over the last 25 years.

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