Sunday, December 19, 2010

The morning she left

These pictures were taken the morning Daniela & Ashley
left for Mexico.

I know the background is atrocious, but I was just
snapping away trying to get a couple
good ones while letting her do her thing.

Ashley said she did very well on the first stretch of the trip,
that's MI to TX.
She actually slept and read book and played plah doh.
She didn't say about the second half, but if I know
Daniela, she's usually good.

We brought the Bumbo seat out for Rowyn to try during
her visit.  So of course, Daniela had to try it out.

They made is safely to Mexico and the girls are enjoying the
summery weather during the day. 
The first couple days Ashley said she wouldn't
let anyone else hold her, but I'm sure she's
warmed up to her extended family by now.

Ashley said they plan to have a big birthday celebration
for Daniela.  They've been eating out and she said they
went to the Jardin (park-public garden) and Danny
was chasing pigeons.  Sooo funny!

I'm missing them, but enjoying the time alone to catch up on
so many things that have been set aside.
I hope to hear more from them soon!!!
(Hint, Hint!)

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Meghan said...

i loved that outfit on Sydney. Please forward all updates to me, I like to stay in the loop.