Sunday, December 12, 2010

Checking out the snow

This was taken a couple hours after the snow started coming down.

We wanted to see Daniela's reaction to the snow.
She didn't know what to think at first.
She felt it carefully.

Ashley & I quickly realized it was excellent packing snow,
so we made a teeny-tiny snowman for the deck railing.

Mr. snowman is still out there, but he's covered up to his neck in snow.
And it looks like he has a pointy witch hat on.
If it keeps snowing the way it is now, he'll be totally
covered by morning.

We were going to go outside and sled, but decided to stay in where it's warm
and celebrate our Christmas with Ashley & Daniela.

I'll post pictures of Danny opening her gifts tomorrow.
They will be in Mexico for Christmas, so we figured it was great timing
with the storm and having to stay indoors to open gifts,
which will give Daniela a couple days to play with them 
before she goes to see all her relatives in Mexico.

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