Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nature Center Part II

This is Zeus the smaller of the two Bobcats. 
Taz the larger, older cat would not come down off his platform, so
the picture of him was not great.

The Raptor Center, where many of our Birds of Prey live.

My grand kids with the Bald Eagle. 
It's a goofy picture of both of them, sorry.

Then we came across the cage for this animal...
Ava said "What's in here, Gramie."
I told her to check out the sign and look at the picture.
"Oh!  She said, it's a big rat!"
I got a chuckle out of that one.
It was an Opossum.

Here's a picture of Woody our famous weather predicting Groundhog.
And folks, just so you're not confused a Woodchuck and a Groundhog
are one and the same animal. 
He was put inside for the winter.

Last, but not least we stopped in the Infirmary so they could
meet Edwina, our famous crow.
She was a main character in the Carl Sams' movie,
"First Snow in the Woods"

First Snow in the Woods: A Photographic Fantasy

I bought the DVD for the kids to take home with them.
We played it on Thanksgiving for everyone to see.
Woody, the Groundhog makes a quick appearance
in this movie as well.

Here's a link to Carl Sams' web site.
First Snow in the Woods in the third book in the series.
It has won 16 awards.

The picture I took of the crow was not the best.
So sorry folks, even though we didn't get
the best photos, we had a GRAND TIME!

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