Sunday, December 26, 2010

Through a new lens

My husband and I both received a new lens recently.
His was put in his eye after the removal of a cataract and
mine was for my Canon Rebel.

Just like he is seeing a little out of focus while it heals and everything
adjusts to the new lens; I'm trying to figure out
my new lens as well.

Christmas morning I took this picture of the girls.

I haven't had much time to play around with it yet, but
hopefully soon things will calm down and I can really concentrate
on my new technology.

Elora Danan is even more adorable through my new lens.

Audra & Rowyn right before going to open presents with
Rick's Mom & her
husband, Jim and the uncles, Matt & Eric.

Hi! Daddy, this ones for you!
Merry Christmas Rick!
Audra was thrilled that you were able to call,
it made her day.

Merry Christmas Everyone!
I hope you girls on the east coast stay safe in the blizzard and bad roads.

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Meghan said...

yeah! cute pics. I forgot to ask how papa's surgery went- sorry. what sort of lens did you get?