Thursday, November 18, 2010


Our annual trip to Bronners, the World's largest Christmas store.

As you can see Gus doesn't dress-up for these occasions.

An interesting picture....very colorful and you can see reflections of other displays.
These are Russian nesting dolls.

Ashley bought Daniela a Christmas stocking and had her name
embroidered on it for her.
They do it while you shop and no additional cost.
What a deal.

Gramie looks a little too happy.
We were finished shopping - saved %15 of our bill.
We were also on our way to Bavarian Inn for dinner.

Three of my favorite pictures need to uploaded to Kodak before
I can put them on here.  
Makes me want to swear!
Maybe tomorrow ..... today it's back to the real world
where I work and still have Thanksgiving to get ready for.


Meghan said...

yeah! Is this her first stocking?

Dorsey said...

Yes, it is her first stocking. Last year she was only a month old at Christmas.