Monday, December 6, 2010

LIttle Henry at Gramie's House

I could just kick myself for not taking more pictures of Henry
when he came to visit.

I found myself caught up in the hustle & bustle of preparing
for Thanksgiving.

And running around taking the older grands to the much anticipated
Kid Spots - Like Bounce U and Cast Away Cafe.

Then there was Daniela's birthday, and off to visit friends.
Reading a special fairy book to Ava.
Popcorn and movies- boys in one room, girls
in another just to keep everyone happy.

I did however, spend some quality time with Henry.
After rocking Daniela to sleep I scooped him up for some loving.
I gave him two baths and changed numerous diapers.
We even snuck away from the crowd a time or two
and tried out the gliding rocker.
I discovered he wasn't such a noise maker
when you sing, he quiets to listen.

The night before he left I stayed up until 2:30 am just
holding him, feeding him, burping and changing little Henry.
It choked me up to think I don't know how big he'll be
the next time I get to see him.

They stay little for such a brief period of time.
Thanks for coming to visit Gramie LaLa & Grandpe.
We enjoyed your visit, just wish it was longer.

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Meghan said...

He is just so cute.