Thursday, November 4, 2010

Treasure Hunts

My oldest two grandchildren love treasure hunts.  On my most recent visit we had the help of this book and I would highly recommend it.  It gave me great new ideas and variations of the basic treasure hunt.

Book Description:

The world's first set of ready-to-go treasure hunts. Just tear out the pre-printed, perforated clues and hide them around your house. (On the back of each clue you'll find instructions for exactly where it goes.) Hand the first clue to your hunters and get out of the way - your house is now a treasure island!

If my memory serves me correctly (the book remained with the kids) there were 12 treasure hunts in the book.   There's a pocket in the book to save your clues for future hunts.  Some of the new ones we tried were the hunt by color cards and picture cards, whereas previously we'd always used clues.

Here's a favorite one we will surely repeat.  It started with handing the children a pillow off from a bed.  They were to return it to its proper place and find something there that was out of place and then return it, until they reached the price.  When Ava found a large green pepper in her clothes closet, she ran to the fridge and shrieked when she opened the door.  "Michael, come and see there's pajamas in here".  She was so excited.

These pictures were from our first hunt, before the book arrived and we started trying all the new variations.

The clue was hidden in the bike wheel.

The Clue - something that makes noise when the wind blows.

Maybe, it's in this toolbox.

The prize - New movies!
It's fun, it educational and it gives them something to look forward to.  A treasure hunt could even be a reward for a good day at school or making their bed all week.  Use your imagination.

The book also gives you ideas for prizes.  New toys, a plate of cookies, a privilege (like staying up late) or a family outing (trip to the museum), use your imagination. 

Happy treasure hunting everyone.

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