Friday, November 12, 2010

Play Date With Rosie

Meet Rosie - She's Daniela's play date friend.
Her Nonee (Grandma) cares for her while her parents work, so the two
Gramies visit while the little ones play.
Rosie is 9 months older than Daniela, she has tons of curly hair
and a whole mouth full of teeth. 

Rosie climbed up on her toy bench and padded the seat beside her
so I'd put Daniela up there with her.
I had to run and get the camera it was so cute.

After a few shots I put the camera down, but Rosie kept pointing to it.
She loves having her picture taken.

We took a long walk around their farm and saw the horses, a cow and a goat.
It was a beautiful fall day.  Rosie fell asleep on the long walk.

Although Daniela plays with Genevieve all day twice a week, it's
good to have more than one friend. 
We've also started having play dates with Gavin and his Grandma who live next door.

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