Saturday, November 6, 2010

Her Favorite Things

 Babies are so amazing; they grow and change daily.
Their likes and dislikes change often.
This Beanie Baby ostrich "Ollie" (Gramie's name for him) is Daniela
favorite new buddy to drag everywhere with her.

She still loves Danan and Danan loves her.
When the dog goes out in the morning to go potty,
Daniela knows how to stick her hand in the bag and
and pull out a chicken strip for the dog's treat when she comes back in.
She holds it tightly in her hand until Danan grabs the other end.
Then Daniela & I shout Yeah! and clap for the "good doggie".

Danan frequently visits Daniela's room and often lays next
to the rocker while I rock Daniela to sleep.

Her love of books only increases by the day.
She now babbles as she looks at the pictures.
It's so cute.

Oh! My! Does she ever love this horse.
Daniela can get off from it by herself now and I'm sure
it won't be long before she get herself on it too.
One day this week I was walking around the house trying to direct her to a specific
place to play and she practically drug me to the horse.
When this girl wants to ride, she really wants to ride.

She's bouncing and jumping on this pony by herself now.
You can see her little toes pushing her up and down.

She has learned to sign "more".
She uses this to get me to repeat "Itsy Bitsy Spider" a thousand times.
I don't even start unless I want to sing it a bunch of times.

This little girl is taking a few steps here and there.
She will stand and clap or dance without holding on to anything.

Daniela has two teeth on the bottom and two through on the top.
The top two are not next to each other, so they look a little silly,
but four more are trying to poke through, she's going to have a whole mouthful before the year ends.

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Anonymous said...

now that is one sweet girl. precious pictures!

our church nursery has one of those horses, and my Rhema LOVES it evethough she's a tad big for it.

thank you for your comments on my blog. i so appreciate the words you share with me.