Monday, November 1, 2010

First Halloween for me

And out of the Meijer bag cocoon emerged the rarest of all butterflies.
I do believe it is a Pseudodanius Pinkus Perfectodae.

And she thought we were just going to play at Genevieve's,
but little did she know, we had a whole night of fun planned.

"Mama, why does my friend Genevieve look like a kitty?"

A ladybug joins the girls during their wagon ride through the neighborhood

The little ones and their mom's trick or treating.

The big chicken is handing out treats.
Um! that looks good.

I posted this morning and lost the whole thing. 
That's after I fought to get pictures to turn the right way on the post.
It's hard to identify butterflies when the pictures are sideways.
I'll post more pics soon.

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