Sunday, November 14, 2010

Change Your Game

I've started attending a new church.
The main church is in Plymouth, Michigan, but this satellite opened
about the time my grand babies started arriving and I was out of town.
 I jumped in on week six and have been attending since.

The series they are teaching on is "Change Your Game".

Last week the game was Jenga - Balance is the key!
The Pastor talked about doing all the work, but without Faith you'll get no where.
Having tons of faith, but doing none of the work, will also get you no where.
You must have balance.

Joyce Meyer has this saying "Do what you can do, God will do the rest".

Meet Brad Powell the pastor.

Next month we will be going to the Christmas performance.
I have heard that they put on a more elaborate production than you'll see at the Fox Theatre.
Ashley's employers bought tickets and invited us to enjoy the evening with them.
The anticipation is growing by the day.

Off to church.
The Game is Life.  How will you play?

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