Friday, August 6, 2010

We Hit the Jack Pot!

Yesterday we jumped in the car and went to a resale shop and to the Salvation Army.  We have hit it big at the Trading Closet in the past (remember this post, about my crazy deal), but on this particular day we Hit the Jack Pot at the Salvation Army.

First we found this great V-Tech toy, new in the box for $4.99.  It's sold at Toys-R-Us for $24.99.   What a deal for us.  Daniela loves it.  She likes mouthing the microphone and someday soon I'm sure she'll be putting on her very own sing-a-long show.

And we were really tickled to find this Leap Frog Music Table.  I knew it was expensive, because I bought one for Sydney a couple years ago.  I couldn't remember quite what the purchase price was, but I did have a vague idea.  This toy did not have a price on it.  I tried to guess how much they'd sell it for and told myself the highest I would go on it was $8.00.  Ashley & I stood in line and when she told them it wasn't priced they found someone who usually does the pricing and he quoted us a price of $2.99.  Wow!  That's way less than I imagined.  This particular toy costs $45.95 at Toys-R-Us.  It's in near perfect conditon.

And it's a plus that it speaks in both English & Spanish.  This little grandchild will be bilingual for sure.

Just to recap the trip for you, I spent $8.00 and Danny now has two toys that would cost over $70 from a department store.  That was so much fun, getting out of the house and finding such a deal.

In the not to distant past (also at Salvation Army) I found Lego's for Michael, and Fridge Phonics for Sydney.  Who will be next?  And where will we hit the best deal next time?

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