Saturday, August 14, 2010

Birthday Fun!

Birthday Fun.  Wish I could have been there.
Ava just had her birthday and Michael's will happen in just a few more days.  Gramie Lala has yet to spend a birthday with them or be there for their special day.  I know, can you hear the sadness in my voice, the violins or the pity-party about to begin?  You should.  Each year I either order something off the internet and have it shipped directly to them or I send a card & money and let Mom do the shopping.  Last year I sent talking cards.  It's hard to come up with things that your positive will be special, dear to their hearts, one of a kind gifts.

Here's Ava's pixie costume.  She went to the Pixie Ball this year and Gramie promised her I'd look for a pixie costume with wings, she could wear to next years party.   I wanted to get it big enough that she could at least wear it two years in a row.

I love the wings!  Aren't they adorable?  This is the site where I found outfit, it's called Heart to Heart.
I didn't pay full price, I had a coupon and stayed pretty close to my $50 birthday budget.

Michael loves vehicles of any sort.  He's crazy over firetrucks, ambulances, sports cars, and big rigs.  You name it he loves it.  But I didn't know how to chose one that he was SURE to love.  It took some thought, but finally came up with this Spiderman car.  Although his face doesn't portray it, I hear he was super thrilled with his new car and he wouldn't leave it home when they went on vacation and he even slept with it.  That's the sort of reaction I was hoping for.  If I can't be there I want them to know that I really wish I could.

Maybe next year, (if the girls don't pull anymore suprise babies on me) I will make it for a birthday celebraion with these two.  That would be a Gramie's dream come true.

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Julie said...

what an adorable costume!!!