Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WBW#17 Celebrating Meghan

Way Back When ---- Meghan was a small fry.
Here are a few of my favorite pictures of her.

Her hair was so curly, but the curl didn't last long.
She was small for her age, and I carried her around longer than her older sister.
I was accused of babying her to much.
She had her sippy cup to long. She had her booster chair forever.
Well non of this hurt her a bit.  She was and still is very independent.
She's very intelligent and not spoiled at all.
Instead she's always thinking of others and doing for others.

She was my easiest child to raise.  People were always commenting on her big word vocabulary when she was little.  And this child was the cause of people telling me I should give parenting lessons and I should tell them my secrets.  The secret is......

some children are just easier to train than others.  I have no words of wisdom to share, unless it's let people's advice go in one ear and out the other, if it doesn't make sence to you. 

This child had an imaginary friend named "Jimmy" at the age of three.  Her favorite book was Harold and the Purple Crayon.  Later she'd play school teacher with her sisters and even hand out report cards to her students.  She had her own cooking show (The original Rachel Ray) and was big into ice skating for a couple years.

She played baseball one year on an all boy team, all but her that is.  She wasn't very good at it, but you had to give her credit for trying.  Whatever she did she gave it her all.
I could go on and on, but you get the picture.
She was a beautful baby, and great kid, and is an awesome person as an adult.
I was so very proud of her then and continue to be now.
Meghan you're awesome!  And your family and extended family love you.

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Meghan said...

Thanks mom. Love ya, meghan