Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Waiting Game

Tomorrow will be exactly one month from Audra's due date.  We are waiting for Rowyn Gracie Jane to make her big debut.  It's time to buy my plane ticket, but I'm torn as to when I should go.  I've researched the percentage of first time Mom's that deliver early and late, and considered her sister's first pregnancies and mine and came to this conclusion.......  anything could happen.  I delivered all four of my girls 10-14 days early with Ashley induced one month early.  I would like to be there for the birth, which would be a first for me, but if I guess wrong I could miss the whole bonding experience with Rowyn and helping Audra out the most; by helping with night time feedings and such.  What is a Gramie to do?

And two and a half weeks later.... this little one is due.
Amanda's doctor will be out of the country on her due date - Ugh!
So she scheduled a C-section for when she gets back 10/4/10, but that's only if she goes past her date.  I wonder what the chances of that will be?

Oh! Litle Henry, you look like your Grandpa (Derek's dad).  Man oh man are you going to be loved in this family and in your extended family as well.

The good news is I have enough frequent flyer type miles for a free ticket.  Yippeee!  I may even splurge and buy myself a new suitcase, mine is ripped and zipper broken.  I want something light weight so I can pack more Gramie gifts to the grandkids in it.  And I want it to be good and ugly, so I can find it easily on the luggage turnstyle.  I found just the perfect set, but it was out of my price range.
This set was $349, but found it on sale for $284.  Guess I'll have to keep looking.  It will give me something to do while I wait.

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