Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Way Back When #18 Just a couple!

This couple has an Anniversary coming up in less than a month.

Way back then, they were just a couple.  These are their engagement photos.  Later they became man and wife.

**Just so you know, Amanda did not wear a dirty sweater with lint all over it, there must have been dust on the photo when I copied it.

Derek still had hair, and they had that I'm so in love look about them.

Can you guess how long they've been married?
They are about to become parents for the third time, in just a month or so.

Living in Maine,
happily married,
parents to two, almost three
both still working in this tough economy,
owners of one house, two cars and no pets.

Live, Laugh, Love!
A Married Couple...... and the story continues.


Meghan said...

Yeah Happy Anniversary, I think its 11 years- 3 more than us?

Troy said...

Happy Anniversary to Derek and Amanda!
I think it's 10 years? Almost one year less than us?