Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Got It!

Yes, I did.   The delivery of the ugly suitcases has happened, so has the buying of the airline ticket.  I'm very thankful that I was able to purchase the ticket with Award Points through my Delta Flying Miles.  That's how I could afford the travel gear, which was also very discounted.  You know my motto "Never Pay Full Price!"

I'm so tickled. I will be able to see this luggage on the conveyor with no trouble at all.  No more hunting for the black suitcase amongst all the other black suitcases.  I will be able to spot it when it pops up the ramp and to jockey into position amidst the other passengers all green with envy, because I know which one is mine!!!   Ha!  Ha!  Can't wait. 

Oh! This set is by Olympia, and ready for the name of it....Audrey.  Close, so close, I think it was meant to be.  Light weight, ugly, affordable and aptly named.

Audra went to the doctors yesterday and they told her it looks like she'll go at least to her due date, because the baby hasn't dropped nor has she dialated at all.  So sometime after 9/11, she will deliver.  I bought my ticket for 9/14, a Tuesday.  So in just three short weeks I will be in New Mexico for the first time, either meeting my new granddaughter for the first time or just in time for labor & delivery of grandchild number six.  I haven't gone through labor & delivery with any of my girls, I've always arrived after the birth to help with the new little one.  So it's exciting to think this may be my first (other than my own deliveries) to attend. 

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Meghan said...

I cannot believe the name, too funny! Not exactly augly but not pretty. You will not have trouble spotting it for sure.