Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WBW #16 Skinny Me

Way Back When - I was skinny.  Once upon a time I was skinny.  I apparently wore my bangs really short as well.

This picture is in bad shape, but looks like my short bangs grew out and someone fixed my hair.

In the 6th grade I had mononucleosis and was bed ridden for several months.  I gained a ton of weight.

Now that I'm older I struggle to keep the weight off.
How'd I do the first week of my big diet??

Well first what did I do to lose weight this week.

1.  I took more fruits & veggies to work for lunch & snacks.
2.  I gave up the evening snacks - yep that's right no icecream or popcorn.

And how much did I lose, one week into the diet.
I weighed in this morning and I lost ......
One Pound.

Not exactly impressive, but better than Zero or Gaining!  I'll have to add to my list above.
3. --------------------------------
What's your suggestion?  Leave me a comment.


Meghan said...

Sounds great mom, I cannot believe you are giving up popcorn?? YOu were a super cute kid, although I am not sure about those bangs. Watch your portion sizes- I have been trying to eat my dinner on a salad plate so I feel like my plate is full but it is a reasonable portion and no seconds for me. You can do it!

Hauch Family said...

Great Job Aunt Doris. Everything I have ever read says loosing weight by 1-2lbs a week is healthier and you will most likely keep it off. Try adding in some high fiber foods, they will make you feel fuller longer. Also upping the excercise can help counter some of the calories.

I totally understand why you are trying to lose weight, but know that you are beautiful now. You are still God's masterpiece and love. We are cheering for you!

Jay said...

Wonderful post... Very informational and educational as usual!

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